About Purpose FULL Calendars™

I developed PurposeFULL Calendar™ by consequence (but we all know there are no consequences, it’s all on purpose).

My life to be more particular my body - showed me exactly what I am meant to do. I didn’t have another year to figure out my time management, I had deadlines and commitments with the audience and had to follow through for my integrity. Yet still, be healthy! 

I knew after healing my Bells Palsy in 3 weeks and launching my summit on the scheduled day that this is magic and it’s working. 

I lived by the natural productivity cycles the year prior, however forgot about them while chasing the growth of my business and never even thought about applying it to business. Now I had a choice to shift my business and create a new niche that no one talks about 

It was scary but I couldn’t keep this only to myself (when you have good stuff do you want to share it?)

When I applied FEMININE FLOW™ to all of the areas of business, I suddenly had my first 3 paid clients in one week! And that combined with a structure and new strategies, I grew my list to 5.1k subscribers and my team (I always dreamed of having one and had it on my G.O.A.L.S lists since last year)  

Dreams come true when you align with your feminine productivity cycles! 

And not only that but I started to teach this to my just enrolled clients and all of them had incredible results. 

Mellisa my client was a YouTuber who did not have any structure (was scattered) or high ticket clients. 

She was smart and savvy, had to figure out how to do a lot of things right, and for years on Youtube, she still didn’t have any solid structure and offer, as she was lacking the time to create it. 

Her schedule was totally off. She tried all the typical time management techniques that all the gurus teach, yet didn’t feel abundance and freedom in time. 

After working with Mellisa, we're organized and prioritized some things based on her unique productivity cycles. 

Even though she thought she did her best and was already a master at time management (and she definitely managed a lot)

The truth is I didn’t know if energy management (AKA time management) was an issue. She looked pretty accomplished. But I suspected that for three reasons: 

When she looked at her schedule, she did feel good about some things. But not everything about it. 

Sometimes she wasn’t exactly sure what she needed to do next. 

She would work for 4 days non stop and then feel burned out and need to take a day off unexpectedly (which is creating chaos in your business) 

When you are in alignment, it feels like you being you.

And YOU always know what the next step is, you just feel it. You set intentions that actually happen.

You sit down to do whatever you planned to and you actually feel like doing it. There is no more guessing on what to do next week, or next month or even next year 

You know exactly when you can get done your most profitable work. So when you go LIVE or publish a blog it attracts your soul clients!  

The first step with Mellisa is to look at her current business and life scheduling and time management (we skip a lot of this step and just keep adding new techniques without evaluating what is going on now). I can tell you it wasn’t as good as she thought it was 

Mellisa did not want to believe in the result but she wanted to create an offer and start making a real profit. I believed she could create a minimum of 2 free hours a day just off simple things. 

She said YES and was willing to try new systems 

The results were awesome!

On our call, she shared with me the 12-month signature program that she created in ONE day! 

She just chose the right day and it felt inflow to create all in one seating 

This is what is possible for anyone when you are aligned with your natural productivity cycles 

Find out how to use the same process Melissa did to know the best days — and how to feel good about everything on your schedule

About PurposeFULL Day
Our Mission is to support YOU living on PURPOSE, making PROGRESS with big PROFITS so we have enough resources to create a positive impact on PEOPLE and PLANET.
About Viktoriia
After Healing her burnout with Bell's Palsy just in 3 weeks with PurposeFULL Calendar™, Viktoriia dedicated her life to sharing this productivity tool with women! 

She helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners  - get more done in a day and bring more clients with ease ✨ 

When she is not online, you can find her jumping from the plane, meditating in Sedona AZ, or skiing in the mountains. 
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