Can't seem to get the work done?

Normally finding the time to get things done easily and in the flow can be frustrating. No matter what you plan sometimes you just don't feel like this is the right day to do so. 

You waste your time, your most profitable hours, and then nothing gets done - instead of enrolling soulmate clients and making an impact in the world 

When you are starting or growing your business you have a lot of things on the plate, but if you can’t prioritize them or feel good about everything on your schedule what happens is: 

-- You'll LOSE touch with your true self and your purpose in life because of how you unhealthily chased the growth of your business by working 24/7

-- You'll spend every night FEELING HARD on yourself because you can’t seem to stick to your own plans

-- You'll feel like a ROBOT where everything feels unnatural because of traditional cookie-cutter time management techniques given to you by society

-- You'll feel like something is always MISSING because what you do each day is never enough to attract new clients and dream projects

-- You are inconsistent. You easily go all out for like 4 days and then burn out and lose your drive for days at a time with no balance at all 
The traditional time management techniques are outdated, ineffective, and create more anxiety when used without tuning in to your natural feminine productivity cycles.

Time is the only resource we can’t buyback. We need time to get the most profitable work done, so we can enroll and serve our clients. But finding the time and creating structure is not the easiest thing to do.

Wouldn’t it make a lot more sense if you plan your days based on your unique productivity energy cycles? So you have a masculine structure that allows you to be in your feminine more! More time to get your most profitable work done in a more feminine way and attract more client 

The thing we did with Mellisa is to tune in her energies to her natural productivity cycles. 

And with the same process, you can tune in to it too.

With Natural Productivity Cycles you can quickly find your best days to do marketing, public speaking, enrollment calls, lead generation --- your most profitable work. 

Let me be clear, this is the most advanced time management on the market you will ever see. Energetic time management - You won’t see anywhere else. I guarantee. 

Want to know what is best about it? Natural Productivity cycles allow you to align with your unique rhythms and be in your highest energy daily.

It feels good, it feels like
YOU ARE being you.

You don't feel like you have to act like somebody else. A very feminine way to run your business and still be successful. 

The process doesn’t really rely on time blocking, setting alarms, or “work hard” as all masculine time management does. 

Before I shared this system only with my 1-1 with clients. And now I put this into a process that anyone can do, without needing to pay me thousands of dollars.

In fact, I will not recommend you to create another to-do list that will never be finished. And a bunch of time wasted because it didn’t feel right to do whatever you planned to do! 

But if you Ignore this limited-time offer and try to figure everything out by yourself.

The reality will be: You will search for stuff in Google and do a guessing game on how you can create the results to achieve the career you’ve been dreaming of. 

It’s alright as long as you can put up with feeling scattered and overwhelmed as you force yourself to do certain things every day.

Most women still use a masculine to-do list to try and get lots done (and end up not getting their most profitable work accomplished.  If you want to actually get things done more efficiently you need to work in flow with your feminine energy.  Aligning your unique rhythms will help you make more money. 

Imagine having permission to be in feminine flow daily this means being radiant, which will lead to attracting soulmate clients, partners, and anyone you want. Finishing tasks on time and even early. Keeping your word to yourself on following through with whatever you planned to do today. 

Girl, that feels good to me. Does it to you? 
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About PurposeFULL Day
Our Mission is to support YOU living on PURPOSE, making PROGRESS with big PROFITS so we have enough resources to create a positive impact on PEOPLE and PLANET.
About Viktoriia
After Healing her burnout with Bell's Palsy just in 3 weeks with PurposeFULL Calendar™, Viktoriia dedicated her life to sharing this productivity tool with women! 

She helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners  - get more done in a day and bring more clients with ease ✨ 

When she is not online, you can find her jumping from the plane, meditating in Sedona AZ, or skiing in the mountains. 
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