Self-inventory and Energy leaks

14 February 2020 Valentines day --- I thought I must already have a successful business,  but all I did was…

Hold on a sec, let’s do a self-inventory 

😱 My to-do list just keeps growing 
😱 I did not have a paid client yet 
😱 I worked 14 hours a day (insane) 
😱 $15 000 year-long mentorship 
😱 $10 000 “done for you” funnel 
😱 $17 000 “success guarantee” courses 
😱 200 social media posts written 
😱 Redesign packages 3 times 
😱 Dozens of networking events time wasted

What is wrong with me? 

What I got was never have time for myself and my friends 
Scary to lose all my investment and admit I’m just not made for this job  

What did I get? 

❌ 0 people on my email list 
❌  2 clients (btw free, one my friend and my sister) 
❌  0 profit 
❌  No fun and a lot of stress

I’m not that stupid, I thought. But I had to figure it out by now
What is wrong with me? I know I was meant to do this work. I’m a mental projector, guide, and helpful person in feng shui, etc.! I was born to teach, mentor, and guide people 
How come I put so much effort and still didn’t have a single paying client? 

The reality was that I was all over the place with my business because I lacked structure and I easily go all out for like 4 days and then burn out and lose my drive for days at a time with no balance at all 

The reality was: I posted almost daily on social media without any aligned strategy for my future

The reality was: I constantly felt it's a battle, (some days better than other days).  I never got through a to-do list and felt accomplished 

The reality was: this day I got sick… Very sick
Half of my face was paralyzed 

I was so busy (unproductively) chasing my business’s growth that I lost touch with my energy—it affected my own health! 

🚫 Most of the time, to work as hard as humanly possible is NOT the answer! 🚫 

Work smarter, not harder, don’t repeat my mistakes… 

And as a result of that, I was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy, and the right side (masculine side) of my face was paralyzed. It looked like I had a stroke. 

There were definitely energy leaks in my time management. 

At some point, you have got to PAUSE. To realize where your energy leaks. Once you SPOT your energy leaks, then you can start to PLUG them up. So you finally start to invest your time in your most profitable activity.

I realized that I needed to learn how to run my business in a feminine way, a fun way, being aligned with my mind and body. 

How can you show up online when you’ve lost yourself in the whole process?

I’ve seen MANY women struggle the same.

Every day they live with stress after stress if they ever do anything enough to attract more clients.

They don’t know that there are certain things for certain days.

So I wanted to help reel you out of that exhausting situation—before it gets WORSE!
About PurposeFULL Day
Our Mission is to support YOU living on PURPOSE, making PROGRESS with big PROFITS so we have enough resources to create a positive impact on PEOPLE and PLANET.
About Viktoriia
After Healing her burnout with Bell's Palsy just in 3 weeks with PurposeFULL Calendar™, Viktoriia dedicated her life to sharing this productivity tool with women! 

She helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners  - get more done in a day and bring more clients with ease ✨ 

When she is not online, you can find her jumping from the plane, meditating in Sedona AZ, or skiing in the mountains. 
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