There is no time management; all we have is 'Energy Management'

The problem you have is that you didn’t know about Energy leaks.

What do you mean by that, Viktoriia?

Do you ever plan to do something, and when you sit down to do it, you “don’t feel” like it? 

And that means there is no energy at the moment to do so. 

We are going to sleep every day to restore our energy. Not to regain our time 

Having more time doesn’t mean we will have more energy.

One of my clients said, “There are certain days where I'm like, Yeah, I'm going to do a live today. And then other days. I'm like, don't ask me to do a LIVE. Another day I'll just write down things.” 

Energy leaks are real when you feel: 
👉🏻 Totally all over the place with my business
👉🏻 Easily go all out for like 4 days and then burn out and lose your drive for days 
👉🏻 Never gets through a to-do list 
👉🏻 You don't know where your focus needs to be (AKA prioritization is not your strong suit) 
👉🏻You get ready to get ready (AKA procrastinating)

It’s not your fault girlfriend! 

If the systems you use are created for men or it’s outdated - there is a good chance you will find yourself often burned out and have no energy to do anything even in the middle of the day. 

It just won’t work in the long run. It’s breaking my heart to see how we women struggle when trying to start or grow a business because we are not aware of this underlying issue 

Have you used any of these masculine strategies? 

❌   Planning your weeks based on what “I think” needs to be done 

❌   Planning by hours 
❌   Having a “just get it done” attitude 
❌   Thriving on "Busy” - Working every day
❌   Multitasking
❌   Working more than 3 days in a row 

I call it “Have-To management,” … meaning you start your day from “I have to get this done”. “I have to finish this today” “I have to plan everything out”... or you have deceived you have to be good at time management. 

Basically, you do everything to organize your time and get your business off the ground or grow it faster. Without even knowing if that is correct for you today, for your unique energy. 

We keep following all the ‘gurus” for the new hacks in time management (I did it too for almost a year in my business), but the reality is these techniques are outdated and not personalized. 

We only realize that later in life when years pass by and we finally stop listening to all the noise and have tons of time invested in testing what works for us and what didn't.

In fact, you feel like “I have time”, “it’s not too bad”, but when you look at your schedule you don’t feel good about everything on it that is the sign that your energy management is not aligned. 

The truth is there are hundreds of different time techniques, hacks, and tips that seem like that would work - in fact, it's way too many that it's hard to stick to even one.
The reality is: it doesn’t matter what techniques you use until you know exactly what you are meant to do (AKA purpose) every day and actually feel like doing it! 

HAVE YOU FOUND YOUR FEMININE FLOW CYCLES™ aka your un unique productivity cycles yet? 
I want to know my unique energy!
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In reality, there is your unique purpose every day and you need to work in flow with your unique feminine energy to get your most profitable work done.
Here is the problem: it may take you years to figure out what your natural productivity cycles are and get in tune with your Feminine FLow, so you can find the best time to get your most profitable work done. 

You would have to try all the different schedules you can possibly afford for years -- waking up at 5 am, or 7 am, doing sales calls on Monday/Tuesday, doing public speaking, LIVEs on Friday, or doing all of it each task two hours daily, working 3 days at a time, or 5 days at a time and taking two days off or 1 day off.

And meanwhile not having a proven structure nor having time to-do your most profitable work. 

It wasn’t until I found how to tune into my unique productivity cycles with PurposeFULL Calendar™ (more than 70k invested later) that I realized this is THE MOST significant issue that experts, coaches, and consultants experience in time management.
About PurposeFULL Day
Our Mission is to support YOU living on PURPOSE, making PROGRESS with big PROFITS so we have enough resources to create a positive impact on PEOPLE and PLANET.
About Viktoriia
After Healing her burnout with Bell's Palsy just in 3 weeks with PurposeFULL Calendar™, Viktoriia dedicated her life to sharing this productivity tool with women! 

She helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners  - get more done in a day and bring more clients with ease ✨ 

When she is not online, you can find her jumping from the plane, meditating in Sedona AZ, or skiing in the mountains. 
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