Do you feel like a to-do list ruining your life?

It because you are following the wrong time cycle. And until you figure this out your business won't get off the ground. The reality is I worked 14 hours a day but never got to create real results!
Why? It’s because I was doing things at the WRONG time.

​You’ll never be truly successful until you start planning your business based on you being you and leveraging your unique personality and rhythms.

Learn my 9-day cycle, an ancient secret that that will double your productivity, maximize your focus, and get you the results you want.  

​Download the guide today and start to tune in to your energy now! 
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Hi Love! Привет дорогая! 

Get ready to start living a life full of


Speaker, Energetic Time Management Expert, and Online Marketing Strategist, I support women entrepreneurs to do the right things at the right time based on her natural and unique rhythms and flow.

I helped hundreds of entrepreneurs - get more done in a day and bring more clients with PurposeFULL Calendar™ Technology.  

I developed the Energetic Time Management system through working with clients for over 10 years and holds multiple certifications in mindset and physicality specialties such as Marketing, Holistic Health, Brain/Body Kinesiology, Cosmo Energy Healing, Neuroscience, and other long words that sound fancy. 

I had graced the stage with celebrities such as Jack Canfield, Les Brown, Kim Kiyosaki, J
anet Attwood, and Marisa Peer. 

I have been in 36 countries by the 25y.o., immigrated twice, been fat, slim, broke, rich, and followed her heart to a life of excitement, adventure, passion, and purpose. 

Successful entrepreneurs have their energy management in place and doing correct things according to their unique energy every day! It allows you to BE you!

Connect with me to discover how we can create a life that you love together!
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I appreciate your love, light, support, and wisdom-Really! I had the pleasure of having an alignment assessment session with the most amazing coach today. I gained knowledge of what is blocking me. Also, I got more understanding and trust in myself and changing my perception of certain beliefs. In addition, I see more clearly how I can reach my goals now. Thank you so much!

Julie Tronhuus

“Thank you so much for the clarity class last week. I've felt so radiant from it and now I cannot stop thinking about it in my daily life. I love how all the energy flows through what I am working on and in different aspects of my life. It was such a transformational call for me and I truly appreciate your time….”

Kaitlyn Kuhl

I was expecting much less than I got. I was expecting to feel like "just another client" and was prepared for that feeling but I was surprised and extremely appreciative of the amount of encouragement, patience, and the genuine want for me to succeed in what we've covered. One of the biggest things I've appreciated is the accountability that you've has kept up between us.

Mellisa Krause

​“The common denominator of successful people is intense hunger.  The hunger to give, to grow, to love." - Tony Robbins

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